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The VooDoo Chef Podcast

Aug 1, 2019

Carl Miller of Atria Senior Living!

Jun 16, 2019

This week join the VooDoo Chef and co-host Big Eddie-C welcoming AJ Albrecht from AJ's Kitchen Drawer as he cooks up some VooDoo-fied Juicy Lucies...Of course we jump all over the place as Eddie-C and I get on our ecuational bandwagon.  Did I mention a drop in from "New Dad Pete" and Sous Chef Misty! 

May 6, 2019

VooDoo Sous Chef Misty Drasher-Phillips joins the VooDoo Chef after a successful VooDoo Experience at the Epicurean Theatre to talk shop and Woodford Double Barrel Bourbon

Apr 22, 2019

Michael Moench, Dean of Culinary Keiser University

Apr 8, 2019

VooDoo Catering